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 Canadian rap artist, Lady Saint, born and raised in Fort McMurray Alberta currently representing Edmonton. Saint's music falls under the hip hop category but spreads to the ears of all music listeners. Starting her journey in 2015, from writing poetry to performing at a showcase in New York, Saint continues to show her grow as an artist and an individual. Lady Saint writes authentic music with a unique flow, staying true to herself and her roots. Having the opportunity to write and perform an original track in the opening ceremonies for the Alberta Winter Games 2018 expanding her footing in the industry. As the opportunities continue to surface for Saint, she will embrace all of the challenges that comes along with pursing her passion. As everyone has their own journey, Saint uses her platform not only to express her personal life experiences but also uses her art as a personal platform to escape. From dealing with death, going through the emotions to continuing her everyday life in a new perspective, her upcoming projects will emphasize that new role.



 Having a versatile lo-fi flow to structuring her words, Saint purposely places every word in a specific spot and really gives the listeners front row seats to her work. Being a female in a male dominated industry, Lady Saint continues to grow and expand her sound worldwide. From collabing locally to making connections in Australia, Saint continues to work and show off her authentic flow. Being a Canadian and a Polynesian, the culture Lady Saint brings from her roots, her skin and to the table, really stands out and shows how authentic she continues to showcase her culture and the people behind it. Saint firmly enjoys standing up and being the voice for those who are voiceless without hesitation. Every connection she has and has made, has strategically placed her to be prepared for every opportunity and moment. Positivity, Purpose and People. With the help of Saint's team and manager, Jey Blaq, she plans to spread sunflower vibes in 2020.

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